Trainings and Experience

Trainings and Experience

Trainings, experience and ethics

I have been in practice for 26years. My practice has developed as I have. I am trained in person-centred Counselling (LEA certificate Cambridge 1994) and in Polarity Therapy (Registered Polarity Practitioner 1997). The latter is a very broad modality; mixing both eastern and western philosophy and includes training in bodywork, the human electromagnetic field, the five elements, yoga, diet and nutrition. My own training also included cranio-sacral work, gestalt techniques and Peter Levine’s trauma model. I also have some training in Somatic Trauma Therapy (Babette Rothschild). I have much experience in various models of constellation work; how we are affected by our maternal and paternal ancestral lines and how we can disentangle from the trauma therein and find deeper connection to our true selves. Having discovered the work of Paul Gilbert and his Compassion Focused Therapy in 2019, I now fully utilise this method in my work with great success. I have also studied Tantra.

My approach reflects all of these methods and models and philosophies.

I am a follower of NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine) which gives me access to the latest brain research in trauma work and in other safe and effective psychotherapeutic techniques and methods. This very much keeps me abreast of the latest developments in the field.

My own personal development very much leads me onward in my work.

I abide by a strict code of conduct as set out by the BACP and the UKCP and as such I am in professional supervision. I am involved in continuous professional and personal development. All sessions are strictly confidential. I diligently practice self care.

Catherine Stone, Cambridge UK


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